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Making chicken shmaltz
Just take away all the fat
Tasty gribenes

If you need glasses
Visit the optometrist
A site for sore eyes

Got to pay your dues
If you wanna sing the blues
It don't come easy

(Thanks to Richard Starkey)

Stupendous fireworks
The Stars and Stripes Forever
Independence Day!

Someday, computers
Will be way smarter than us
Humans obsolete

If nooks and crannies
Are the holes in a muffin
Why two names, one thing?

Hot matzo ball soup
Pastrami on rye sandwich
And a nice glass tea

A quiet evening
Smooth jazz on the radio
Yeah, this is the life

Please call Triple-A
Someone's foot's stuck in the door
And they need a toe

A gloomy morning
Drizzly rain on the windshield
Good day to sleep in

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