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Wilshire, Doheny
Pico and Sepulveda
La Brea tar pits

The age old question
What is the meaning of life?
42 pizzas

Had to move my car
Men are painting my building
Mustang not stucco

Laying on the couch
Another lazy Sunday
Pass the Doritos

You just never know
How much you treasure something
Until it's all gone

Beautiful sunset
Orange and blue in the clouds
The sky's showing off

Simple things in life
Good book, quiet times, best friends,
And a cheese pizza

ハ、ハ! 私はあなたを作りました

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At a traffic light
Green means go and red means stop
Yellow means speed up

All first responders
Owed a debt of gratitude
Thumbs up, guys and gals!

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