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If nooks and crannies
Are the holes in a muffin
Why two names, one thing?

Hot matzo ball soup
Pastrami on rye sandwich
And a nice glass tea

A quiet evening
Smooth jazz on the radio
Yeah, this is the life

Please call Triple-A
Someone's foot's stuck in the door
And they need a toe

A gloomy morning
Drizzly rain on the windshield
Good day to sleep in

An apple a day
Will keep the doctor away
They still use Windows

A cold, snowy night
Logs in a roaring fireplace
A blanket, and you

On the Titanic
The ship is going down fast
And we're in the band

Like trying to find
A needle in a haystack
Ouch! Found the needle!

Chicken Cordon Bleu
Filet Mignon, Rack of Lamb
You want fries with that?

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