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Doing a jigsaw
About parts of the body
And I need a hand

Picnics, barbeque
Hot dogs, burgers and ice cream
I love the summer!

Biking and hiking
The beach, swimming and surfing
First day of summer!

The really smart guy
Who made the first feather bed
Deserves a good nap

Family, good friends
Sometimes, two hats all you need
I hate spell checking

The switch on the wall
It can help to light the way
But you must reach out

Kaiser, chiabatta
Sesame seed, don't stop me
I am on a roll

You've confused me with Brad Pitt
Happens all the time

This is tech support
Have you tried rebooting it?
Have you plugged it in?

As American
As baseball and apple pie
Meatballs on pizza

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